Alive From Within: ProPlenish Collagen Rejuvenation.

It’s always so refreshing to find a fantastic product that is all natural, easy to use and gives amazing results! Nicole Farquhar and her husband founded ProPlenish in 2012, knowing that the benefits of taking their daily marine collagen can be seen and felt. Easy to drink with an amazing citrus flavor, our skin, hair and nails have NEVER looked or felt better. We caught up with the lovely Nicole Farquhar-one half of the duo behind this fantastic Australian Brand-to find out what inspires her, drives her and makes ProPlenish such a success. An empowering woman indeed!

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Tell us a bit about your business and how it came about.

Established in 2010, ProPlenish was created by Australian husband and wife duo. A qualified sports scientist who works with elite athletes, Damian discovered edible collagen through extensive professional research in the field of high performance supplements, finding the benefits of marine collagen as a pure protein source. Following research into the benefits of marine collagen, and scientifically trialing the supplement, the team discovered amazing results on hair, skin and nails, as well as increased lean muscle gain and tone. Identifying a gap in Australia market for marine collagen supplements was the first step to really pursuing the development of ProPlenish.

Why do you love what you do?

The challenge of creating and running your own business; it very much becomes your ‘baby’.

We started ProPlenish after studying the science behind collagen and seeing first hand the amazing benefits and wanted to bring it to the women (and men!) of Australia. One of the greatest things is now receiving all the positive feedback from our customers on how ProPlenish has helped them. Hearing that including ProPlenish in their daily diet has transformed the health of their hair so much that their hairdresser is questioning them, or has cleared their skin up and given them a glow that even their partner has noticed is heartwarming. Hearing how ProPlenish continues to help improve people’s self-confidence is one of the most rewarding parts of our journey.

How is your product unique and innovative?

ProPlenish pioneered marine collagen products in Australia, introducing the first marine collagen supplements to the Australian market in 2010. Implementing a unique centuries old Japanese tradition to illuminate Australian women with beautiful, healthy skin, hair and nails that shine and glow from within.

Many people are unaware that not all collagens are the same. Collagen can be extracted from beef (bovine), pork (porcine), chicken and farmed fish. These animal derived products carry risks of BSE and can carry other nasty chemicals and toxins from the animals’ breeding environment. Collagen from farmed fish, mostly from China and South East Asia can carry dangerous pollutions, toxins and antibiotics used in the breeding process.

ProPlenish marine collagen is the purest and highest grade marine collagen in the world sourced from wild caught deep sea fish of the pristine waters of the Pacific using sustainable fishing methods.

ProPlenish is formulated using low molecular weight hydrolysed marine collagen, making it easier for the body to absorb and digest.

What are your main challenges?

Being the first to bring Marine Collagen to Australia meant that we faced a large challenge in educating people about the role of collagen and its importance in the body. Through social media and various other channels we are able to explain in laymen’s terms the science behind collagen and the benefits of including it in your daily diet.

Where do you see you business in 5 years time?

We hope to have taken the brand to bigger and better heights in the Australian market and have established ourselves further on the overseas market. We aim to continue to be the leading marine collagen supplement on the Australian market, offering our customers unique and innovative products to look after their beauty from within. We strive to give our customers what they want and need, taking onboard their feedback along the way to constantly better our products and expand our product line.

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Clearly, Nicole and Damian are passionate and committed to their Brand and bringing this amazing product to customers everywhere. Ziporah couldn't help but ask her some more personal questions!

Which talent do you wish you had?

The ability to play a musical instrument (well!), I admire anyone who is gifted with this talent.

What is your favourite occupation?

The one I have now! No day is ever the same, I am constantly learning, challenging myself and experiencing the highs and lows of running a business, which is exciting and rewarding.

Where would you like to live?

Melbourne, we have everything any great city in the world does; A vibrant art, fashion, entertainment, sport and food culture. It’s no wonder it keeps topping the list each year as ‘the most livable city’ in the world!

When and where were/are you most happy?

With my husband and dog on a beach drinking champagne!

Image: ProPlenish

Well, we have certainly noticed a big difference in how we look and feel since taking ProPlenish everyday. Our skin, nails and hair look and feel amazingly different and we enjoy the ease of taking our little satchet of citrus goodness in our water bottles everyday. Plus, the packaging looks so divine and luxurious!

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