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Montebello Emporium ✖ Fresh, Unique Design


Image: Kate Taylor

Meet Kate Taylor: Owner of the 2 very gorgeous Melbourne stores Montebello Emporium located in Camberwell, Australia.  Her store offers an inspiring and delightful collection of stunning fashion, accessories & home decor products. Translated from Italian, Monte Bello means “beautiful mountain” and judging by what we have seen in-store, Kate has expertly curated an eye-catching mountain of gorgeous, unique and desirable offerings.

In 5 shorts years, Montebello’s beautiful items have forever changed our local shopping habits! What used to be quick routine walk for bread and groceries has now turned in an enjoyable adventure, which always includes a detour through one of the Montebello stores. The joy always lies in finding that unique item for our homes or finding fabulous new-season accoutrement that is totally original and not available “everywhere”. Her items are luxurious and interesting yet totally obtainable without being “over-the-top”. Kate certainly possesses that unique and refined Eye for sourcing beautiful and luxurious items that we just have. To. Have. Now. We could never let an opportunity like this pass us by, so Ziporah Lifestyle jumped at the chance to sit down with Kate and have a chat about what makes this creative and unique woman “tick”……..Consider US inspired!

How do you select the items that will feature in your Montebello stores? I always ask myself first: “Would I put it in my house? Would I wear it? It’s a simple philosophy really, but I know my customer and I trust myself!”

Where did your creative talents start? “It’s in my genetics! I moved to New York at 19 years of age to Study Music at The Manhattan School of Music. I would still be living in NYC however I came home for love and then a Family followed.”

Kate is an accomplished Cellist, pianist and singer, and discovered she had a real talent for Interior design when renovating and completing her own developments.



 Image: Montebello Emporium


Why do you prefer to work with luxe and originally unique pieces and clothing? “I love integrity- I could never promote something I didn’t love. I get excited by the backstories of so many of our products, which are often produced by local Creatives and artisans. I want to share these with our customers.”

What inspires your creativity and what drives you to fulfill this? “I guess it’s the divine spark- wonder – the creative force of the everyday.”

 What is the part of your work that most inspires you to be creative? “Finding delightful pieces – be it a beautiful dress or a divine vase- which I can share with my Clients and customers and that make their lives a little bit lovelier.”

How important is originality and uniqueness in your day-to-day work? “Important – I try and source pieces that give a sense of wonder and delight.”




 Photograph by Martina Gemmola via Adore Home Magazine


With her great design eye- and attention to detail -the leap into a home wares and fashion store seemed like the perfect idea. And perfect it is.

Kate puts it simply: “Quality always looks nice. Think how good a Cashmere jumper looks and wears, season after season!”

Kate wants customers to come into her stores and feel a “dynamic, fun and colorful” atmosphere. We couldn’t agree more and her loyal customers are happy to indulge in unique, quality pieces that they can find in one single place.


Divine cashmere offerings at Montebello Emporium


We –of course- challenged Kate to our Ziporah Lifestyle Proust Questionnaire. Herewith, Kate’s spin on things:



What’s your greatest inspiration? “Creative Women who manage to turn their creative vision into a business as well as raising a family. I find these women endlessly fascinating and I love to read about their road to success including their trials and tribulations.”

What’s your idea of perfect happiness? “Hanging out in the sunshine in Italy with my Family.”

What creative Figure do you most identify with? “There isn’t one in particular – I love to draw inspiration from the lives of all sorts of creative people from musicians to artists to entrepreneurs.”

What’s your greatest fear? “Losing a sense of control, as I am a total control freak!”

What’s your greatest Extravagance? “My weekly blow wave has become a necessity.”

Which words and phrases do you most overuse “Superlatives in general – Fabulous, Darling- oh and I love emojis and totally overuse them!”

What is your current state of mind? “Inspired. I’m totally feeling a sense of achievement at how far my business has come after 5 years and excited by what the next 5 will bring”.

What is your greatest regret? “I don’t believe in regrets- you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. “

What do you wish for? “Ha! Apart from world peace, the wellbeing of the world around us as well as a world that provides opportunities for happiness and fulfillment for all.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be? “See the animal question!”

When and where are you most happy? “Hanging out with family and friends with great vino and food – Amen to that!”

Which talent do you wish you had? “OMG! I wish I could cook!”

What is your greatest achievement? “My 2 beautiful girls”

If you could choose one person to come back as, who would it be? “Tory Burch – New York Billionaire Designer businesswoman- sounds like fun!”

Who would be your ideal dinner party guests (alive or dead)? “Ok my passion for 19th century Romanticism would bring out the big guns: Dostoyevsky, Beethoven, Jane Austin, Tolstoy, Victor Hugo. Would probably be a disaster – lots of egos there!”

What is your most treasured Possession? “My beautiful grand piano”

Where would you like to live? “At the moment I’m dreaming of London. Love that city – have to live there one day.”

What’s your favorite occupation? “My own!”

Who is your favorite Hero? “I don’t have a particular favorite, however I am totally inspired by everyday heroism.”

What do you dislike the most in life? “Uncertainty, the fact that my children are mortal!”

What is your motto? “Back yourself and go for it”

If you could be an animal, which animal would you be? “My husband would say I’m as stubborn as a mule and I think he would be right!”


Montebello Emporium

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