The Ziporah Lifestyle Interview series.

Where is 2015 disappearing to so fast? We have been so busy setting up the Ziporah Lifestyle range in the USA and then all of a sudden, WHAM! It’s already March!

We have a very exciting and inspiring series of blog posts to engage you over the coming months. There’s been lots of hard work done in the background but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s all been totally worth it.

One of our maxims at Ziporah Lifestyle is INDIVIDUALITY. We adore creative and inspiring people doing what they love everyday. Creating, designing, changing and producing: some people out there have it all going on. They love what they do, and it certainly shows. They don’t follow others, they don’t copy or re-hash: they are just creatively unique in their own way.

We have created a series of interviews and stories with some of these very people. People who work in fashion and design, food, jewelry, floristry and interior design. Others are creating innovative skincare, home wares and footwear. But they’re all doing it their way by adding a luxe and unique element to other people's lives, simply through what they create and design.

The team at Ziporah Lifestyle truly believes that nowadays you can find everything, everywhere but what’s important is to have a point of difference-to be innovative, to experiment, to play and to be fearless. This mantra drives us everyday. Let’s discover what drives some pretty amazing people over the next few months. Stay tuned.    

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